• Is Internet service required to use the Night Owl X app?  

Yes, it is required. Your system must be manually connected to a modem or router using the included Ethernet cable to remotely view via the Night Owl X app. We strongly recommend a minimum 3.0 Mbps upload and download speed for efficient streaming with no interruptions.


  • Why is the app not accepting my password? 

The Night Owl X app will require two passwords to configure. One password will be used to login to the app itself and the second will be the admin or username password for your DVR or NVR. In order to add your system to the app, you will need to enter your system password verbatim. 


  • How do I reset my Night Owl X password? 

If you have forgotten your password to login to the app, please select Reset Password.  You will then be asked to enter the email address used to setup your account. Simply retrieve the temporary password from your email and use it to login to the app. Once logged in, proceed to the Account menu to immediately reset your password. 


  • How do I add a device to the app? 

To add a device to the Night Owl X app, first ensure that your IOS or Android device is on the same network as your DVR or NVR and then follow these simple steps: 1- Select the menu tab, 2- Select Device, 3- Select setup new device, 4- A message will display on your screen indicating the app is searching for your system, 5- Once found, select the Add option next to the device and follow the on screen prompts to complete the process.


  • Why am I not receiving notifications on my smart device? 

For initial setup, when adding a new device, it may take 5 – 10 minutes before you begin receiving notifications. If you are still not receiving notifications, ensure they are enabled within the app by checking the Notifications menu (should be ON to receive). Additionally, it is possible the system admin has made adjustments to the notifications settings within the DVR or NVR.


  • How do I adjust the motion sensitivity of my system on the Night Owl X app? 

To change the motion sensitivity of your DVR or NVR on the Night Owl X app; select the menu tab, select Device, select Edit and then choose your device. Next, select Motion setting from the menu that appears. Choose Highest, Middle or Lowest to adjust the sensitivity. NOTE: This setting can only be changed by the system admin. Additionally, to adjust the sensitivity of individual cameras, you must do so at the DVR or NVR level, not via the app.


  • How do I download and share a video or image within the app? 

To download and share a video using the Night Owl X app, first select the Playback menu within live view. Next, select either Motion Only or All to choose which type of recording you are searching for.  Days that have recordings will appear on the calendar with a yellow circle. Choose which day you would like to view and select Search. To download a particular video, simply use the download icon next to the video. Once downloaded, select Saved to Album and use the share icon next to the video to share it. 


  • How do I set my favorite views on the app? 

To set your favorite views on the Night Owl X app, first select the menu tab followed by Favorites. Choose a name for the view and then select which cameras you would like added to it. Lastly, select a display mode followed by Done to complete.